Boulder Creek, California



Boulder Creek I.O.O.F. Cemetery


The town of Boulder Creek first began as a logging camp, with the first timber claims being filed in approximately 1865. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Boulder Creek produced more than two billion feet of Redwood lumber. Due to clear-cutting practices of the day, the surrounding hillsides were virtually stripped of the redwood forests that grow there today. In its hey-days of the logging era, Boulder Creek boasted as many as twenty-six saloons, gambling houses, hotels and brothels. Fire destroyed much of the town in 1891. Most of the buildings seen today date to just after this fire and have now stood for more than a century. In the 1940's as the redwood forests regrew, the town became a resort, offering  visitors a cool respite from the summer heat of the nearby Santa Clara Valley.


Today Boulder Creek is a town that time has passed by. The old buildings are still in use and it remains one of the few places near modern-day 'Silicon Valley' where the old west charm of yesteryear can still be experienced in a stroll down the main street through town. 


The oldest known burial in the Boulder Creek I.O.O.F. Cemetery pre-dates these early logging claims with the burial of Martha S. Peery in 1862.


Three veterans of the Civil War made their final resting places here, H.R. Blanchard, Louis Lessor and Reuben Meek. (Historical records of the military service of these soldiers will be .available on this site soon.)


Joseph W. Peery is buried here. He was the first postmaster in Boulder Creek back in 1837.


Many prominent local families laid their loved ones to rest here. Among these families are the names Locatelli, Peery, Moody, Branson, Horstman, Pilger and Hesse.




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Boulder Creek I.O.O.F. Cemetery